Have You Ever Wished There Was Less Confusion And More Clarity In Your Life?

Statistics from Beyond Blue suggest that in the last 12 months, 1 in 6 people experienced a negative shift in their mindset. That's literally thousands of people just like you, all trying to achieve their goals and enjoy their life, but constantly struggling from a lack of clarity and a less than positive way of thinking.

Do You Sometimes Feel ...

  • A little lost at times?
  • Overloaded by so much information?
  • Unsure about what you're supposed to be doing?
  • Confused about which direction to take?
  • It's a struggle to maintain your enthusiasm?
  • Frustrated you're not achieving your goals?
  • If things were a little clearer, you'd get there?
  • You deserve to be happier in work and in life?


Introducing The
Shift Your View One Day Workshop.

Designed & Delivered by

Simon Sharky Clark - The Shift Initiator

Our world today can be complicated at times. That's why I created this workshop. It will provide you with simple-to-use tools and techniques, specifically aimed at helping you improve upon three key areas;

    • Mood - Understanding what triggers it, and then how to alter it
    • Mindset - Creating & maintaining a positive way of thinking
    • Motivation - What to do when it's faded, leaving you feeling flat

What Happens In This One Day Workshop ?

This isn't a seminar where I do all the talking and you just sit there listening. There’s plenty of interaction and participation so be ready to start work on what YOU say matters most.

But first, a warning.

When you participate in this workshop, your mindset will try to reject the idea that a handful of very simple concepts hold the power to you creating clarity out of confusion. That's because we all live overly complicated lives.  And your current mindset can easily become overwhelmed by anything, and want to reject everything. But once you start putting my simple techniques into practise, you'll start to see the benefits immediately.

In addition to improving your Mood, Mindset, and Motivation you'll also be discovering more about;

    • The Three Keys - A clear & simple technique that help you to create and achieve your goals, your dreams, and your ideas on success.
    • The Three Locks -No point having keys if you don't understand what they unlock. And there’s no point unlocking a dark room unless you're clear on how to switch on the lights.
    • The Imperfect Progress Plan - Become a progressionist, not a perfectionist. Simple methods for planning, prioritising, and achieving what YOU say matters.
    • Self Limiting Beliefs - (SLB's) Start to discover what it is that holds you back, and work on ways to reduce your fears and increase your confidence.

Simple tools and techniques designed to increase your effectiveness, reduce confusion and feelings of overwhelm, and help you achieve what YOU want!

    • Create - Unlock your creativity and easily identify your goals, your dreams, and your ideas on success.
    • Plan - Plan and prioritise what YOU want to achieve. Reduce your feelings of overwhelm and get into action fast !
    • Focus - Control your distractions and implement your plan according to what suits YOUR life, not someone else's.
    • Action - How to work with and overcome an unproductive mindset.

What Do Others Have To Say About This Workshop ?


Before working with Simon, I felt so overwhelmed. I had lots of ideas but lacked focus. My head was full of negativity. Simon gave me tools to action my plans and get back on track. I would recommend his workshop to anyone.

Shay, Graphic Artist

In my career I've attended lots of workshops. But discovering in Simon's how to identify and plan better for my goals was enlightening. The tools he provides are so easy to use. I've started using them in my career to great success.

Ben, Account Manager

My goals whilst not lofty are important to me. I came to understand why I never achieve them. Simon provided a safe place to explore my self-limiting beliefs. I now have tools to shift my mindset, and the motivation to follow through. Excellent workshop, highly recommend

Phillipa, Executive

These Workshops Are Strictly Limited To 10 Participants So You Can Achieve Your Best Results.

And no, that does not mean I have inflated the price to make up for lost numbers.

I am committed to helping people achieve what is important to them. I do NOT believe that can be done in a crowded room. So that your ideas, your goals, and your success can be given the proper attention I limit the number of participants.

When Is The Next Workshop ?

My next one day workshop is on the 17th Of June 2017.

Held in the CBD of Melbourne. Plenty of secure parking, within walking distance to trams and trains.

So you want to participate? Great!

Choose Your Payment Option Below!

What Payment Options Do I Have?

  • Early Bird Discount

    Pay in full now and receive a huge discount off the regular price ! But this offer is only for a limited time!

  • Split Pay

    Pay a deposit today and the balance is due by 9:00AM the day before the workshop commences. **Conditions Apply**

When Does The Early Bird Discount Expire?

What are the Split Pay Conditions?

There are two simple conditions regarding the split payment option.

  1. In the event you cannot participate, advise me of that fact at least 7 days prior to the workshop commencement date, and your deposit is fully refundable. Inside 7 days, and it will not be refunded.
  2. Your balance is due to be paid in full by 9am of the morning prior to the commencement of the workshop. If your balance is not received by that time, and/or you do not participate, your deposit is non-refundable.

I welcome any discussions you wish to have about these payment options.

100% Risk Free Guarantee

You can feel confident, that the workshop I have designed will deliver what it promises. But if you feel that after participating you don't believe you "got what you paid for" I will happily discuss providing you with even more of my personal coaching attention. Or, I can refund you in full. That choice is always yours to make.

Still Have A Question...? Ask Simon

Email me any questions you may have at simon@theshiftinitiator.com.au